Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oopsa Daisy

It is time for the Ahead of the Curve blogpost again. This months theme is Garden Party.  When I saw this dress at Forever 21 I had to snag it up. The dress is so cute and pretty. It's a very heavy pattern and normally I would stray away from it but for some reason it appealed to me.

Unfortunalty this dress is sold out but this is how i wore it that day.



I kept the make-up simple. I used the Naked 1 Palette, essence blush and gloss.

IMG_3318Dress - Forever 21 + (3x)
Leggings - Burlington (2x)
Shoes and belt - H&M
Headband - Styles4Less
Shades - Michael Kors 



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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AHOTC - Red the color of love

Valentines day is coming up and for this months blog i am going to show you my favorites. These are dresses that I would wear and are RED!!

Personally for me, red is a statement color and I don’t wear it often enough. I had a red trench coat from Evans a few years back and red pants in high school. But the last years I haven’t worn any red clothing pieces.  Until I saw this dress on modcloth.com. I love that it has a deep rich color and a cute neckline. Unfortunately the cut wasn’t right for my body so I had to return it.


Now I am on the hunt for another red dress.

Here are a few of my favorites.

 Forever 21+

 Asos Curve 

 Asos Curve 


Final AHOTC banner nov 11 2013

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Glam It Up

IMG_0959December is the holiday month where I am from. We have Sinterklaas on december 5th, Christmas on December 25th & 26th (weird that The Netherlands has 2 Christmas days huh) and of course New years eve to end this month.


Last year we didn't do anything on these days, in fact I think we were in a grocerystore at midnight hehe.
But this year it is going to be different, we are invited to a Secret Santa Party and that party has a theme. This years theme is "A December To Remember", the dress code is winter formal.
I chose this dress from H&M (years back) and paired it with my new blazer from JCP (my only black Friday find).IMG_0935

I love the style of the dress, it's a babydoll with a nice highneckline. It looks classy. I paired it with shiny earrings and a dark make-up look.



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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


IMG_0804     Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather, the colors and most of all, it is not too cold to wear a jacket and not too warm to have to be bare arms and legs! Perfect weather!


I remember coming to the states for the first time and my mother in law telling me I am an autumn. She hit the nail right on its head. I look best in autumn colors. They complement my skin tone and suit my personality. I look weird in pastel and white!


I adore the color of this vest. I found it at the goodwill for only $3 so a huge steal! (My goodwill has an awesome plus size section).


The tunic, I think it is a dress, but cause of my height it looks like a tunic on me. I found it at target. I like the pattern, it is not too busy and not overwhelming. I am very picky when it comes to prints, it has to appeal me. While I love prints on others I think I look funky in them. But over the summer Ive collected a ton of dresses with prints. I think it is part of me stepping out of my comfort zone. Not to mention that this girl didn’t even wear leggings 2 years ago (what was I thinking?!)The boots are from sheikh shoes, bought them about 2 years ago and they are still holding up pretty good.  My leggings and knee highs (not! I can’t even get them over my calves but oh well! ) are from forever21.




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Monday, September 16, 2013

AHOTC: Denim and Lace


Last week I was searching for the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding. I have a hard time finding a dress because I am so tall. I am 1.83 centimeter or 6 feet tall with a long torso. The problems I run into are  that the dresses often are way too short. And I know myself, I wont wear a dress more than once. Especially if it is a formal dress. I don't go to many occasions so the dress has to be versatile.

IMG_0169                 dress/top - Ross (annabelle)* jeans - Torrid * bag - Melrose *shoes - old navy

When I walked into my Ross (dress for less) I found this cute blue dress, I instantly fell in love, the color is so vibrant and I just looooove the lace sleeves. It covers my arms and yet it shows some skin. But as you can see this dress is way to short to wear with some tights.


I decided to buy it anyway and paired it up with my Torrid skinny jeans. Those jeans are my favorite all time! It gives me a nice booty and the color is beautiful too. The blue of the jean is fading on the knees but I kinda like that! The other thing that i like about it is that the skinny part still is skinny!


This day we went out to a restaurant to eat some lunch and I didn't want to go over the top with hair and make-up. I recently dyed my hair this auburn color and I love it so far. I matches my skin tone better than the brown/blonde did. I kept the make-up simple, just some earth tones with a hit of red on the lips.

IMG_0163  IMG_0096 This post is made in combination with the Ahead  of the curve group. This a group of fabulous ladies. Every month there is a topic and we can apply  the topic as we want. This months topic is Denim, if you want to check out all these amazing ladies click on the links below and it will take you to their blogs!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

AHOTC: Pretty In Pink

Pink, I love pink. Since I was a little girl pink has been my favorite color. I wanted everything pink. Now that I am older (and more mature haha) I still love pink. I will still choose pink over any other color. I have pink pajamas, robe, mouse, phone case, pillows etc. but no pink clothes? I was amazed when I opened my closet door and I could only find one item that is sort of pink.

I live in northern California and it gets really hot here in the summertime. Hot and muggy! I am from a cold country, in the summertime I am used to wear a little cardigan or jacket. Not sweating my butt off! The style of this top is perfect for my pear shaped body. It has an empire waist and flows out.
I paired it up with my torrid skinny jeans. I love these jeans, they are so comfy.

I am a camisole lover! For sure! For me it is hard to find a good cami cause they are always too short for my torso. A few weeks ago I was browsing through target and I saw their maternity section had some pretty nice cami's. Little bit pricey but oh well. Me and my cami are in love! It is meant to stretch in the belly area and stay snug at the breast area. I Love It!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY: Makeup Brush Holder (Budget)

DIY Brush Holder I have seen brush holders in different shapes and sizes. A while a go I saw a tutorial on
YouTube where someone made a holder out of a glass jar and beads.
I decided to do it the budget way.

My goodwill has a good variety of glass jars and vases.  I picked up a squared glass vase (originally IKEA I guess). I found a bag of shattered glass on the shelves and figured that that could be my filling.

The things you need for this DIY is:


-       Glass jar/vase
-       Shattered glass (or something else small that will stay in place)
-       Ribbons ( I picked 2 to create an effect)
-       Craft glue
-       Scissors
-       Measuring tape
-       Sharpie

First you start with measuring where you want your ribbon to be, I marked 4 spots and made sure the ribbon was crossing those points.

DIY Measure

Once you have done that you can go ahead and glue the ribbon to the jar. You can use craft glue or a glue gun. I don’t have one yet so I used regular glue.

DIY ribbon

After you glued the ribbons the jar you can tie them or glue them just whatever you want.

DIY Ribbons


Once you are done with that the fun part starts…. Filling it up with the shattered glass. Fill it up all the way to the ribbon for a nice effect.

DIY Glass

Voila! Decorate it with some brushes and you are done!!

DIY Brush holder

You can do this with brushes but also with lollypops or other items for a party or as a gift.

What did this DIY cost me?

-       scrap ribbon              ( free)
-       Glass vase                   $0,50
-       Shattered glass          $1,00

So for less than 2 dollars you have a unique brush holder.

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