Friday, December 20, 2013

Glam It Up

IMG_0959December is the holiday month where I am from. We have Sinterklaas on december 5th, Christmas on December 25th & 26th (weird that The Netherlands has 2 Christmas days huh) and of course New years eve to end this month.


Last year we didn't do anything on these days, in fact I think we were in a grocerystore at midnight hehe.
But this year it is going to be different, we are invited to a Secret Santa Party and that party has a theme. This years theme is "A December To Remember", the dress code is winter formal.
I chose this dress from H&M (years back) and paired it with my new blazer from JCP (my only black Friday find).IMG_0935

I love the style of the dress, it's a babydoll with a nice highneckline. It looks classy. I paired it with shiny earrings and a dark make-up look.



Final AHOTC banner nov 11 2013

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  1. You can't go wrong with black lace. And I LOVE that you added combat boots.

  2. I love the dress and your make up looks fantastic!

  3. Why are you always so cute?! And your makeup is flawless! <3
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday/end of the season!

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  5. Aww thank you so much! You are such a sweetheart!

  6. I know right! I love black lace. And the boots, I love them! hehe

  7. Thank you! I really appreciate it.. Im trying to be bolder with make-up and this time it worked! It didnt make me look like a koala bear lol