Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY: Makeup Brush Holder (Budget)

DIY Brush Holder I have seen brush holders in different shapes and sizes. A while a go I saw a tutorial on
YouTube where someone made a holder out of a glass jar and beads.
I decided to do it the budget way.

My goodwill has a good variety of glass jars and vases.  I picked up a squared glass vase (originally IKEA I guess). I found a bag of shattered glass on the shelves and figured that that could be my filling.

The things you need for this DIY is:


-       Glass jar/vase
-       Shattered glass (or something else small that will stay in place)
-       Ribbons ( I picked 2 to create an effect)
-       Craft glue
-       Scissors
-       Measuring tape
-       Sharpie

First you start with measuring where you want your ribbon to be, I marked 4 spots and made sure the ribbon was crossing those points.

DIY Measure

Once you have done that you can go ahead and glue the ribbon to the jar. You can use craft glue or a glue gun. I don’t have one yet so I used regular glue.

DIY ribbon

After you glued the ribbons the jar you can tie them or glue them just whatever you want.

DIY Ribbons


Once you are done with that the fun part starts…. Filling it up with the shattered glass. Fill it up all the way to the ribbon for a nice effect.

DIY Glass

Voila! Decorate it with some brushes and you are done!!

DIY Brush holder

You can do this with brushes but also with lollypops or other items for a party or as a gift.

What did this DIY cost me?

-       scrap ribbon              ( free)
-       Glass vase                   $0,50
-       Shattered glass          $1,00

So for less than 2 dollars you have a unique brush holder.

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