Monday, August 19, 2013

AHOTC: Pretty In Pink

Pink, I love pink. Since I was a little girl pink has been my favorite color. I wanted everything pink. Now that I am older (and more mature haha) I still love pink. I will still choose pink over any other color. I have pink pajamas, robe, mouse, phone case, pillows etc. but no pink clothes? I was amazed when I opened my closet door and I could only find one item that is sort of pink.

I live in northern California and it gets really hot here in the summertime. Hot and muggy! I am from a cold country, in the summertime I am used to wear a little cardigan or jacket. Not sweating my butt off! The style of this top is perfect for my pear shaped body. It has an empire waist and flows out.
I paired it up with my torrid skinny jeans. I love these jeans, they are so comfy.

I am a camisole lover! For sure! For me it is hard to find a good cami cause they are always too short for my torso. A few weeks ago I was browsing through target and I saw their maternity section had some pretty nice cami's. Little bit pricey but oh well. Me and my cami are in love! It is meant to stretch in the belly area and stay snug at the breast area. I Love It!

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