Monday, September 16, 2013

AHOTC: Denim and Lace


Last week I was searching for the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding. I have a hard time finding a dress because I am so tall. I am 1.83 centimeter or 6 feet tall with a long torso. The problems I run into are  that the dresses often are way too short. And I know myself, I wont wear a dress more than once. Especially if it is a formal dress. I don't go to many occasions so the dress has to be versatile.

IMG_0169                 dress/top - Ross (annabelle)* jeans - Torrid * bag - Melrose *shoes - old navy

When I walked into my Ross (dress for less) I found this cute blue dress, I instantly fell in love, the color is so vibrant and I just looooove the lace sleeves. It covers my arms and yet it shows some skin. But as you can see this dress is way to short to wear with some tights.


I decided to buy it anyway and paired it up with my Torrid skinny jeans. Those jeans are my favorite all time! It gives me a nice booty and the color is beautiful too. The blue of the jean is fading on the knees but I kinda like that! The other thing that i like about it is that the skinny part still is skinny!


This day we went out to a restaurant to eat some lunch and I didn't want to go over the top with hair and make-up. I recently dyed my hair this auburn color and I love it so far. I matches my skin tone better than the brown/blonde did. I kept the make-up simple, just some earth tones with a hit of red on the lips.

IMG_0163  IMG_0096 This post is made in combination with the Ahead  of the curve group. This a group of fabulous ladies. Every month there is a topic and we can apply  the topic as we want. This months topic is Denim, if you want to check out all these amazing ladies click on the links below and it will take you to their blogs!

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  2. So jealous that you can find cute stuff at Ross. That dress/top looks great on you!

  3. LOVE the closeup, how beautiful you look and love the hair color too. Very cute jeans and top.

  4. The new hair color looks so good on you! And that lace top goes great with your skinnies.

  5. this color with your hair is amazing....i love the lace... do the torrid jeans run true to size i think I might get some... i think they look fabulous....

  6. Aw thank you! I had a hard time finding a jean that fit me at torrid. This one is true to size. Maybe runs a little bit bigger my hips are 64".

  7. Thank You!! I was very pleased with the outcome of the dye. You never know!

  8. <3 thank you, I really appreciate you telling me that. Thank you!!

  9. Sometimes! My ross has a good variety but sometimes they just have rubbish. And the top was only 10 dollars, a steal!

  10. I love the new look for your site! Nice and bright, just like you! ;)

    And, as always, you are such a cutie. I love everything, especially your bag as an accessory (I sometimes forget that brown can be just as wonderful a color as any other). <3

  11. Thank you babe!
    I am happy with the new look. Cant wait to see your look next month!