Tuesday, November 19, 2013


IMG_0804     Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather, the colors and most of all, it is not too cold to wear a jacket and not too warm to have to be bare arms and legs! Perfect weather!


I remember coming to the states for the first time and my mother in law telling me I am an autumn. She hit the nail right on its head. I look best in autumn colors. They complement my skin tone and suit my personality. I look weird in pastel and white!


I adore the color of this vest. I found it at the goodwill for only $3 so a huge steal! (My goodwill has an awesome plus size section).


The tunic, I think it is a dress, but cause of my height it looks like a tunic on me. I found it at target. I like the pattern, it is not too busy and not overwhelming. I am very picky when it comes to prints, it has to appeal me. While I love prints on others I think I look funky in them. But over the summer Ive collected a ton of dresses with prints. I think it is part of me stepping out of my comfort zone. Not to mention that this girl didn’t even wear leggings 2 years ago (what was I thinking?!)The boots are from sheikh shoes, bought them about 2 years ago and they are still holding up pretty good.  My leggings and knee highs (not! I can’t even get them over my calves but oh well! ) are from forever21.




Final AHOTC banner nov 11 2013

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  2. Love your story and your autumn look. I love autumn too, love the weather.

  3. You look beautiful in these colors. The combination you've put together blends very well. And I like the way you're wearing the socks, even better than if they fit as knee highs.

  4. This look beautiful you you! Autumn was always my favorite season too!

  5. These are YOUR colors!