Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Peek In My Life

Hello Y'all!!!
This is a section that I love when other bloggers do it! I love peeking in their daily life.
I am posting pictures that I made with my iPhone throughout the week. 
I dont have a really extravagant life but I hope you enjoy it!

We love to go to the Big Kahuna to get some frozen yogurt. I am lactose intolerant but they have the best flavors in their non dairy section. I love their watermelon, green apple and pink lemonade. And of course I want gummy bears and sour patch! The sour the better...

I was putting pictures from my laptop onto my external hard drive and I cam across this picture of bubbles. She was 6 weeks old in this picture. <3

No matter where I go I see this guy! He is always sleeping at our Goodwill when I am there. Or he is at Walmart. Haha.

<3 That night we went out to dinner for our 2 year anniversary <3

A typical thing I would eat for lunch in Holland.  I saw someone on Instagram eat it and I was craving it too. So i whipped it up. It was delicious!

After peeling I got a little tan again. We moved to a new complex this year, with a pool!! I love being in the pool. The kids around here love it too... We do contests all the time. Longest under water, from one side to the other under water, faster swimmer... Yes, I am still a kid at heart!

 We decided to move our mattress into the living room. We got pizza, chips, potato salad and other snacks. We watched 2 movies that night. Loved hanging out in the living room!

R. got me hooked in this game called, game dev tycoon. You are the CEO of a game development company, you develop games. Once you are done, they are being rated by reviewers. It is a fun game. It has 3 stages and even a nigerian scammer! hahaha..

I bought this box at the goodwill for 50 cents and decided to make this my little DIY project. I did not have a lot of product so I just did it with the things I had. It turned out pretty good.

 After picture. I decided to put a M on the box. M for Melissa, Memories or Make-up.

Home alone being bored. After we put the Mattress in the living room we decided to move the tv into the bedroom for another movie night haha. I was alone and bored and browsed through Netflix and came across this movie. Heard a lot about it. And I wanted to know what all the fuzz was about. All I can say is hence the gay scene it was a waste of the 2,5 hrs.

 I dont know what i was watching here, but Le Bubbles decided to join me! She loves to be near me. As we speak she is sleeping next to me on the floor.

Meet Sebastian, Bubbles' cat friend. Can cats have friends? Sebastian always comes to our door and miauws and bubbles does too.. I open the door and they sit there staring at each other....

I was doing some groceries the other day and I was getting some potatoes and I saw these! At first I showed them to my friend and he was like, aah yea... You are Dutch thats funny.. after I put them back I saw that the brandname Melissa's was. Hahaha so funny that I had to take a picture.

:( I ordered a dress from Forever 21 but it was waaaay to small... I knew F21 ran small but not this small... I squeezed myself into it and took a picture. Thank goodness I sold it on one of the facebookgroups I am.

Sunday in the car on my way to walmart to get some spraypaint for a DIY project.

Oh goodness!! My I just woke up with big hair look...  I used to have the straightest hair, since a few years I have more of a wavy look to them...

Monday morning I opened up all the windows in the apartment to air it out. I love the 5 o'clock morning breeze. The house gets all chilly. I like it!!! Bubbles liked it too.. She stuck her head through the blings to look at all those cats in the courtyard!

I captured her sleeping on the couch. This is in a timespan of 20 seconds. From wide a wake to almost asleep..

What mom! Me and Sebastian are just hanging out k!

What did you guys go? I hope to make this a biweekly thing. I always forget to put pictures on Instagram, So if you want to know what I did you have to check it here! Haha!


  1. Leuke foto's! Jammer van het F21 jurkje, hij was verder heel erg mooi!

    Keep on bloggin'!